Hi everyone.

I’m Issie, I’m the Lay Chaplain here at St Teresa’s School. I also work at the Trinity School and other primary schools within the Catherine McAuley Hub.

I love working with young people, helping them to explore their faith through worship and retreat sessions. Why not check out our Instagram below to see what we get up to?


School Chaplain

This year has already been busy for Chaplaincy here at St Teresa’s! We have visited both Year 3 and Year 6 classes already, running retreats with the students thinking about our Catholic virtues. The students have delved deeper into the scriptures, learnt songs and then finished their retreats by leading a liturgical prayer for their whole Key Stage. Meanwhile, in our afterschool Chaplaincy Team, we have welcomed 12 new Year 5 students and begun preparing ourselves to become faith leaders in our school. The first week we introduced ourselves and then reminded the students how to use the Let Us Pray 2gether boxes in order to help students around the school in leading liturgical prayer. After that we planned an introduction of the team and looked a little into the life of St Teresa to share with the school during our upcoming Little Way Week! On top of all of this, we have welcomed our new Chaplain Kieran who is working alongside Issie in our Hub, and the new OLoL Apprentice Chaplain Beth who is working with us as well. Overall we’ve had a great start to the year and can’t wait to keep exploring our faith!

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Hi everyone, I'm Issie

Our Chaplaincy Team were hard at work this Lent term, working with Issie, Luke and Mrs Kenworthy to develop the Catholic Life of our school. They spent time thinking about Catholic Social Teaching and how we can put this into action. Our Year 6 Chaplaincy Team students completed their Faith in Action awards, these were taken to the Briars to be moderated. They put a lot of effort into their journals and final pieces of work thinking about how we can act out our faith and who can inspire us to do so!

Our Year 5 Chaplaincy Team students helped to prepare some liturgical prayer and explore the scriptures in more detail.

The final half term before the summer was a busy and exciting one.

We began by preparing for the feast day of Saints Peter and Paul.

Year 3 prepared this mass whilst also preparing to receive the Sacrament of First Holy Communion.

During these weeks they reflected on these special Saints and how they can follow in their footsteps.

As a school we were still thinking about the Word of the Week which this term encoureged us to reflect on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Year 5 and 4 prepared beautiful Liturgies on the gifts of Piety and Knowledge.

Then before we knew it we were preparing for the Year 6 Leavers Mass and also said farewell to our Year 6 Chaplaincy Team. We will miss them very much but look forward to welcoming new members from year 4 and 5 next academic year.

Have a lovely summer!

God bless.

Alleluia! Alleluia!

It was great to joyfully welcome everyone back after the Easter Holidays.

The Year 6 Chaplaincy Team started the term off with a fantastic Liturgy based around the joy of Easter. We spent time thinking of things we are joyful for and wanted to say thank you to God for.

Our word of the week at the end of April was Missionary Discipleship.

Year 5 children created a great whole school Liturgy about how we can be disciples and go out and spread the good news.

As we began the month of May, the Chaplaincy began leading decades of the rosary in each class to celebrate the month of Mary. Year 4 prepared a lovely Liturgy on Mary and led the whole school in a decade of the rosary.

Tom Baptist from The Briars came to see the Year 6 Faith in Action Team to moderate their final pieces. He was extremely impressed with all they had done. What a fantastic achievement! They will receive their awards at the end of the academic year when they have their leavers mass.

Following the Word of the Week each week, as always, Year 3 prepared a Liturgy on Vocation then Year 1 very bravely prepared and led a whole school Liturgy on being a witness to our faith.

To finish off the half term we celebrated our Trust Mission week, which also included the Feast of the Ascension. We celebrated Mass with Fr Stanley and Year 6 helped lead the Mass.

It was a lovely way to finish the term.

As a school community, we returned to school after half term ready, to enter into the Holy season of Lent together. The year 5 Chaplaincy Team had been working hard to prepare a special Ash Wednesday Liturgy for the whole school to take part in. They explained to us how important Lent is and gave us a chance to reflect on this season of Fasting, Almsgiving and Prayer. They then travelled around the school distributing Ashes to students and staff.

The following week we celebrated a special Lent retreat day. The day began with a Liturgy led by the Year 6 Chaplaincy Team. Then each class took part in different activities and prayers in their classrooms, reflecting on Lent and how they can be a disciple of Jesus. The retreat day ended with a whole school closing Liturgy, led by year 3. It was a really prayerful and special retreat day, the perfect way to reflect during the season of Lent.

We are really enjoying being back in the hall leading liturgies again and Year 1 did an amazing job with their Liturgy all about Fasting. They looked at a bible story and prepared a drama, they created a liturgical dance and gave us all the mission to fast from something this week, as Jesus did in the desert.

Finally, as we got close to the Easter holidays, Year 4 prepared and led a beautiful Liturgy about Sacrifice, which the whole school really enjoyed watching.

The Year 6 Chaplaincy Team have also finished their Faith in Action PIN award, which will now be sent to NDCYS for moderating. They have done a fantastic job and their final pieces are amazing!

Happy New Year!

We returned back to school ready to celebrate the feast of the Epiphany.

Year 2 worked really hard before and after Christmas to prepare a New year/Epiphany Mass which they helped lead at St Teresa’s Church. Fr Stanley celebrated the mass for us.

Year 3 had the school reflecting on the word ‘Discipleship’ and how we can be modern-day disciples.

Year 6 prepared and led a beautiful Liturgy all about people who inspire us. Being the oldest children in the school, they truly inspired the younger children to be proud of their faith!

As we moved into the month of February, Year 4 reflected on the word of the week ‘Challenge’ followed by year 5 creating a special Liturgy for the whole school to watch about ‘Care’ and how much Jesus cares for us.

Before half term, it was time to celebrate our Trust Feast Day. The week began with Year 1 preparing a special Liturgy all about Mary and the healing powers of the water at Lourdes. Our mission was to write a healing prayer to Mary, which the whole Trust was completed that week.

The week ended with the whole school virtually watching a Trust Mass celebrated by Bishop Patrick.

Our Year 5 Chaplaincy Team has been working hard to prepare the Ash Wednesday Service, they look forward to leading this when we return to school. The Year 6 Team is working hard to finish their faith in Action Award.

It has been another really special term.

We were back at school ready to start the Advent Term.

Year 5 began the term helping us think about Holiness and reflecting on the Synod prayer.

As November is the month of Remembrance, we had a special Peace Day in school.

Year 6 ended the day by leading a beautiful whole school virtual liturgy on how we can all be peacemakers,

The following week was Anti Bullying Week, and the theme was ‘One Kind Word’.

Year 2 prepared and led a reflective special Liturgy about how we can use simple kind words like Jesus did to build people up and let everyone feels kindness and love.

The Year 6 Chaplaincy Team have been working hard on their Faith in Action Pin Award after school each week and will continue doing so during the Lent Term.

During the Season of Advent, we reflected each week on the different themes on the Advent Wreath.

Year 4 children helped prepare and lead our Advent Mass at St Teresa’s Church which Fr Stanley celebrated for us.

Each class Advent Wreath was blessed, and it was the perfect way to begin our Advent Season.

We wish you a happy and holy Christmas!

In addition to our own Chaplaincy Team, we are also privileged to be able to use the resources and support of our Trust Chaplaincy Team:

Our Trust Chaplaincy website: Be Inspirational