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Religious Education

2018 Autumn Parents Letter

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Welcome to Religious Education

Hi. I'm Frances, the Chaplain for St Teresa's School.

I help to develop the Catholic life of the School, through drama, music, prayer and discussion. It's great to spend time with the children and help them to explore their faith.

Below is my chaplaincy twitter

This will keep you updated on what is happening across our Trust and the Nottingham Diocese.

School Chaplain

September - October 2018

The new school year began and Year 6 were busy preparing for their mass.

We were thinking about how we can be more like Jesus and ‘Colour the world with kindness.’


We welcomed some new members to our Chaplaincy Team! They are full of faith and excitement, ready to start the school year.

Year 5 were getting ready for our school’s special feast day mass, celebrating the feast of our Patron Saint – St Teresa of Lisuiex. We thought about her special character during our liturgies and how we can be humble and faithful like her.

We were then into the month of October and we drew our attention to Mary and saying the rosary. Year 2 led a fantastic liturgy about Mary and challenged us all to say the rosary in class every day!

Many children from school, along with our Chaplaincy Team went to a special event with Bishop Patrick to celebrate the launch of our new Trust – Our Lady of Lourdes. We had a fantastic day with all the schools across our Trust and Bishop Patrick commissioned all the Chaplaincy Teams. It was a very special occasion.


Once again it has been a lovely term and we look forward to the next. The Chaplaincy Team are just about to start their Faith in Action Award and they are very excited about it!

Lots to look forward too!


May – July 2018

We came back to school after the Easter Holidays, full of ‘Alleluias!’ – celebrating Jesus rising!

Year 2 led a fantastic and joyful Liturgy about this and encouraging us all to spread joy wherever we went!

Then we were into the month of May when we remember our Mother Mary – every Tuesday the Chaplaincy Team led the school in a decade of the Rosary. They also created a Mary Jigsaw and hid the pieces around the school for the KS2 classes to find. This beautiful image on Mary was then placed on each class Prayer Table to remind us how special our mother is.

It was then time to celebrate the Feast Days of Ascension and Pentecost.

During our Liturgies we thought about how we can be modern day disciples and go out and spread the Good News with the help of the Holy Spirit!

As we moved into June the Year 3 children prepared for their First Holy Communion and worked hard on a special Mass to celebrate this special sacrament. While the Chaplaincy Team led some beautiful Liturgies on being ‘One Family’ with God and achieving great things in life no matter how young or small you are.

It was also time to think about new members for our fantastic Chaplaincy Team, for when sadly our year 6’s leave in July. Many children in Years 4 and 5 applied and the current Chaplaincy Team helped interview them. We appointed some fantastic new members and can’t wait for them to start in September!

Before we knew it, it was time to start planning the Year 6 Leavers Mass and look back on all they had achieved. It will be sad to see them leave but many exciting times lay ahead for them.

As always it had been a fantastic year!

I hope you all have a great summer and look forward to seeing you again in September.


School Chaplain


February - April 2018

As we started the new half term and the Season of Lent, Year 2 welcomed us back with a Liturgy all about Lent and how important the cross is to us in our faith. They reminded us to turn to the cross with any problems or worries, joys or happiness we have and Jesus will be there.

During Lent year 5 prepared and led a beautiful mass celebrating St Joseph's Feast Day. They taught us about St Joseph and what a special person he was. We thought about how we need to put our trust in God, just like St Joseph did.

6SD then led a fantastic Liturgy about loving ourselves, just like God loves us. They spoke about how we should be proud of who we are and not change the person God made us - THIS IS ME!

A great way to draw Lent to a close and prepare for Jesus resurrection and remember the love he has for each one of us.

As always it was another fantastic and reflective Lenten term.


January - February 2018

We started the New Year full of joy with a fantastic liturgy from Year 2!


This 'joy' carried through to their mass the week after, where we thought about how much joy our faith can bring us. Fr Richard came and said the mass and it was a lovely way to gather together as a school community.

Year 1 then had us all on a mission to spread more love and kindness!

Every time we did something kind we had to write it on a post it and stick it on our prayer table. Everyone did a great job but the winners were year 5 - for being most 'Christ like' and spreading love, kindness and joy around school.

Year 6 then led a beautiful Liturgy on how amazing God is, then the Chaplaincy prepared a whole school Liturgy on counting our blessings and making the most of all we had. A great way to lead us into the season of Lent.

Ash Wednesday was then soon upon us. We had a reflective liturgy in the hall, then the chaplaincy team went and distributed the ashes to each class. What fantastic role models in their faith they are!