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We are always looking for new members to help us on an ad-hoc basis, please get in touch with us via email if you interested in helping out.

Have a look our latest PTA meeting minutes here.

Who are we?

Ingrid West Jeanette Macey  
Represents Year 3 Secretary  
Maria Diamond Subu Meenarshi Sundaram  
Represents Year 3 Treasurer  
Lorraine McGough    
Represents Year 2    


We are a group of parents and school representatives who volunteer to raise funds to help subsidise school trips and buy additional school resources.  We also organise social events for pupils and parents to enhance the school experience.  The PTA is a registered charity.

Meeting once a term (normally just after school drop off) to plan events and manage the running of the PTA we also have adhoc meetings to organise events as required.

We aim to have a parent representative from each year group.  Some members are able to attend the meetings on a regular basis.  For those unable to commit to daytime meetings, they can just forward ideas prior to the meeting.  Some parents contribute by using their creative skills to make craft items for sale or can use their contacts to find items for raffle prizes. Please click here to meet the team.

There are three key posts which require a bit more work behind the scenes to direct and lead the group.  They are: Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary.  

Chair provides direction to the team, organising meetings, ensuring events are organised and planned with the support of the team.  

Treasurer ensures accounts are kept up to date, money is banked and generally keep finances in order.  They submit the annual accounts to the Inland Revenue.

Secretary takes and issues minutes of meetings.  They ensure the Charity is registered with the Charity Commission and Trustees of the charity are registered. 

The role of Chair is currently vacant so if anyone is interested, please email or leave your details with school Reception who will forward it to the PTA team.  You will be supported in your role by the team.

If you are interested in supporting the PTA in any way, please email your contact details to or with school Reception on 0115 915 5762 or speak to one of the team.

Of course, even if you are not a regular member of the core PTA team you can also support on an adhoc basis – see future events.  Your support by attending events, donations for refreshments and purchasing gifts and cakes we sell also supports the work of the PTA and the school.  Thank you for your ongoing support.


PTA Members who have helped since September 2016

Chair – position vacant

Jeanette Macey – Secretary

Jeanette’s son used to attend St Teresa’s but left for Boy’s High School in 2016.  Jeanette has kindly stayed on the team to help us with her experience.  She also has brilliant creative skills and generates great ideas for the theme of events as well as producing great handmade gifts to sell at the Christmas Assemblies.  She generally organises meetings and galvanises the team to support events in the absence of a Chair.

Ingrid West – Assistant Secretary

Her son is year 5 and she has been a member of the team for 5 years.  She, along with Jeanette will organise meetings and direct the team to make decisions in the absence of the Chair.  She is learning the Secretary role from Jeanette.

Subu Meenarshi Sundaram – Treasurer

Is a Year 2 parent.  He becomes the Treasurer after Vas steps down in 2018.

Mrs Glynne - Jones/Mrs Green/Mrs Brannigan

Give direction on how events will fit into the school calendar and where PTA funds are best directed to support the school and pupils.

The following are key members of the team who attend meetings.  They put forward ideas and experience of other fundraising groups and/or help serve refreshments at school events like Christmas assemblies and PTA/Senior Team/Parents’ coffee mornings.  Some of the team also have great creative skills and make beautiful handmade craft items that we sell at the Christmas Assemblies.  It is wonderful to have a number of parents on the PTA, from all year groups as we can mix the skills, strengths and interests of members to achieve fantastic results for our school fundraising efforts.  It also spreads the jobs around so it only requires a little commitment from each person, to achieve great things overall.  We also get to know parents from other year groups and have a lot of fun working together. 

Maria Diamond – Member - Represents Year 3

Lorraine McGough – Member - Represents Year 2

Nokkiz Nkala – Member - Represents Year 2 

Nina Wisnieswska – Member - Represents Year 2


What happens to the money we raise?

So the PTA are always fundraising, where does the money go? I hear many people ask.

Last school year, we raised a fantastic £3,456.83, mainly from the Summer Fair and School Fundraising raffle.  We spent £3,722.48 on; subsidising school trips (£2,800), Y6 leavers’ event (£894.5 trip to Yorkshire Zoo), Holy Communion celebration cakes and Fathers’ Day gifts.

The PTA isn’t just about raising money – though it’s an essential activity.  We also look to arrange events which add to the feeling of community and enjoyment of life at school such as film night and Mother’s Day Tea.

It’s a great way to make a difference for your child at school and be part of a great group of people who look to do small things to make a big difference.

We need your help!

To enable us to run the Mother’s Day Tea next year, we really need volunteers, so if you would like to join our friendly team then please get in touch.


Dear Parents, the PTA are very pleased to announce that thanks to all the wonderful fundraising you have helped with, we are able to fund three coaches to take Y2-Y6 to see the pantomime in December, this is at a total cost of £1,200. 

Many thanks to the school who are funding the cost of the tickets. This will be a fantastic opportunity to share with the children the magic of the theatre.

For information on how you can help the PTA raise funds for the school, please contact us on 


Mother’s Day TeaFriday 24th March 2pm

On Friday 24th March 2017 a Mother’s Day tea was held at school.  We did not foresee the overwhelming response to our invitation and it was lovely to see 180 Mums and Grandmas enjoying a cup of tea and cake with children on a beautiful sunny afternoon.  Year 2 and Foundation performed some lovely poetry to entertain our guests before the children came to join their Mums. 

Mrs Glynne-Jones said she had never seen so many visitors in the hall at one time.  It just about fit everyone in!


A special thanks to Mr Gilson who put out all the tables and chairs, Jackie and the team in the kitchen who made all the scones and of course the reception team who collected responses and fielded queries.  The current PTA team would also like to thank past PTA members who no longer have children at St Teresa’s but who came to help us cater for the massive number of guests.  Without them we really would have struggled.  So if this event is something you would love to see repeated, please contact us to show your support


The afternoon finished on even more of a high for two mothers when we drew the School Fundraising Prize Draw Raffle.  Anna Jarmolowicz and Mrs Kaniak (collected on behalf of her husband Dariusz Kaniak) the two 1st prizes. 2nd prize went to Keith Howkins, 3rd prize, Dave Burtt and 4th prize, Justyna Sek. 

1st prize x 2Two night family stay at Travelodge, Scarborough

2nd prizeDavid Lloyd family day pass

3rd prizeFamily photo session and prints

4th prize£25

The raffle and the Mother’s Day Tea raised an amazing £1,406.33 which goes towards subsidising school trips and school resources.

Thank you all so much for your support.