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St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

A Voluntary Academy

Religious Education


School Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,

Friend of all children,

bless our school here in Aspley

Bless the pupils

and teachers

who work in it.

Help us all to do our best.

Help us to be kind

to one another

and be cheerful

throughout this day.


Chaplaincy Report for St Teresa's School Governors - Spring 2020

Happy New Year!

We welcomed in the New Year with Year 2 who were preparing for their New Year Mass. They led a whole school liturgy thinking about how the new year gives us a chance to make a fresh start.

The Year 6 Chaplaincy Team started their Faith in Action - PIN Award and are really enjoying working through the sessions after school while the Year 5 Chaplaincy Team were busy planning Liturgies for the rest of the school.

So far this term Year 4 have led 2 Liturgies for the rest of the school looking at how we can spread Gods word and how we are all treasure in Gods eyes. They gave us all a piece of treasure to put onto the class prayer tables to remind us of this.

As we are currently in The Year of The Word, Year 5 children led a fantastic Liturgy to explain The Year of The Word to the school community and how we can live out Gods word through our actions and words. As part of this special year we have been incorporating meditations on bible stories into the Liturgies to allow children and staff to really take the time to deeply understand the bible passages and put themselves into the story and have some quiet time doing this. Its has been really successful!

Year 6 helped to celebrate the Feast of Candlemass - The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple. Reminding us what a special person Jesus was to many, even as a baby. They encouraged us to remember the prayer of Simeon ‘The Nunc Dimittus’ and gave each class a copy to say each day that week.

We ended the half term with a special day thinking about Women in Science and how we can be stewards of creation. Year 1 led a beautiful Liturgy on this to the rest of the school and challenged us to be a ‘Zero Hero’ and think about how we can work alongside CAFOD to look after our plant.

Looking ahead to next term, the year 5 Chaplaincy Team are busy planning the Ash Wednesday Service for the rest of the school to begin the season of Lent,  whilst the year 6 Chaplaincy Team will be busy finishing off their Faith in Action Award.



Chaplaincy Report for St Teresa's School Governors - Autumn 2019

It was lovely to be back in school after a great summer break with all the staff and children excited and raring to go. We had lots of applications for Chaplaincy Team which is fantastic so we now have our largest Team yet of 20 children! Made up of year 5 and 6. The year 6’s will be completing their Faith in Action Award Pin during the year. Our chaplaincy team have already led some fantastic Liturgies for the rest of the school on the themes of ‘Welcome’ and ‘Discipleship’.

The Chaplaincy Team were then busy again reflecting on the life and work of John Henry Newman as he became a Saint on the 13th October 2019. We thought about his many quotes and inspirational prayers and mottos, in particular, the words 'Heart speaks unto heart. They also encouraged us to pray the rosary as we are now in the Month of Mary.

We returned back after half term to celebrate the Feast of All Saints that occurred just before we came back, then year 5 children led a fantastic Liturgy for Anti-Bullying week. Encouraging us to think about how we can make small changes to show more love and kindness like Jesus.

Giving out little sequin hearts in the Liturgy to remind us to show love every day. 

As Advent fast approaches the Chaplaincy are busy preparing the Advent Mass and making a start on their Faith in Action award. We wait in anticipation for the birth of our savior and the lovely celebrations and activities we have planned as a school for this special time of year.