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Space Dome

30th January 2017
Space Dome image

L.C: What we learnt from the space dome.

Today 5EN experienced the space dome where we learnt about the planets, astronauts, ISS and meteorites. We learnt that there are 8 planets in the solar system: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. We also learnt there is a star even bigger than the sun that is due to explode. It is called Beetle Juice which is found in M51, Orion constellation. We learnt that if you were to try to walk on Jupiter, Saturn or Uranus you would fall through because they are made up of gasses. 

A fun fact we learnt was that Buzz Light–year was named after Buzz Aldridge the astronaut. 

At the end, we watched a film showing us the whole of the solar system, it was amazing. Our favourite video was of Tim Peake showing us what happened to water in space. He also did an experiment putting fizzy tablets in the water bubble and showed the reaction it made.



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