St Teresa's Catholic Primary School
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Senior Leadership Team

Mrs A Glynne-Jones     Head Teacher
Mrs J Green   Deputy Head Teacher
Mr S Dickie   Assistant Head Teacher
Miss A Gee   Head of Teaching and Learning

Foundation Team

Miss A Gee     Foundation Leader
Mrs L Andrews   Teacher - Class FMA
Mrs N McKinnon   Teacher - Class FMA
Miss C Holmes   Teacher - Class FCH
Mrs J Lee   Teaching Assistant
Miss L Tompkin   Teaching Assistant

Year 1 Team

Miss M Wilkins     Teacher - Class 1MW
Mrs R Nicholas   Teacher - Class 1RN
Miss J Wheatley   Teaching Assistant
Mrs E Reynolds   Teaching Assistant

Year 2 Team

Miss A Brittle   Teacher - Class 2AB
Mrs I James   Teacher - Class 2IJ
Mrs T Sansom   Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Eaton-Watts   Teaching Assistant

Year 3 Team

Mrs H Jackson     Teacher - Class 3HJ
Miss C Westbrook   Teacher - Class 3PO
Miss P Oakley   Teacher - Class 3PO
Mrs J Pencil   Classroom Assistant

Year 4 Team

Mrs K Lambert     Teacher - Class 4KL
Mrs I Chahal   Teacher - Class 4IC
Mrs S Johncock   Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Sunley   Teaching Assistant

Year 5 Team

Mr S Dickie   Teacher - Class 5SD
Mr S Hewlitt   Teacher - Class 5MZ
Miss C Westbrook   Additional Teacher
Mrs A Ryan   Teaching Assistant

Year 6 Team

Mr S Drayton     Teacher - Class 6SD
Mr A Cable   Teacher - Class 6AC
Mrs K Bradley   Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Glancy   Classroom Assistant

Additional Teaching Staff

Mrs S Smith     SEN Coordinator
Mr M Soper   PPA Cover

School Site and Administration Team

Mrs E Brannigan     Office Manager
Mrs R Snell   Administration Assistant
Miss L Roth   Receptionist / Administration Assistant
Mr G Gilson   Site Manager